Miriam Rosenbloom - Second Generation/Founder VTHM

Miriam is the youngest of three children, born to Holocaust survivors from Holland.  Her parents were so proud to raise their family in Canada following the war, and despite their unimaginable loss, were grateful for each and every day.  Miriam made it her mission to continue the legacy of her parent's resilience by becoming a docent at Holocaust Museum Houston when it opened in 1996.  In her professional career, Miriam was a teacher, financial planner, and Cultural Affairs Officer at the Consulate General of Israel in Houston.

She lives seasonally in Hyde Park, Vermont.  She's extremely proud of her three married children and seven grandchildren, scattered from Texas, to New York, to Israel. Today, it is important for her to tell the story of her parents survival and to teach others of the horrors of hatred, bigotry and intolerance. 

She's an avid vegetable gardener, and loves the beauty and tranquility of Vermont every single day!
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Marcie Scudder - Second Generation/Founder VTHM

Child of a child survivor who made Vermont her home, Marcie is one of this Second Generation. 

By profession she's a trained Architect. For 25 years, she managed her own residential design practice in Boston, MA. When her mother passed away suddenly in 2014 - she returned to the house and home she designed for her parents. Currently - as a certified yoga teacher and working artist – she yokes together the ancient teachings with the discipline of creative practice both in her art and daily life. 

It wasn’t until well into well into her adult years, that Marcie learned of her mother’s history and connection to the Holocaust. She is now carrying on the legacy, making it her mission to share those stories of survival. Within them there are lessons to be learned. It must never happen again.

Marcie has three grown children, and one  grandchild. She is a daughter, mother, grandmother, sister and friend. She begins each day with a beginner’s mind and the set intention to practice gratitude. It was due to the kindness of strangers and some great miracle that she and her family are here today.
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Debora Steinerman - Second Generation/Founder VTHM

Debbie is originally a “flat-lander”: born, raised, and married with children on Long Island, New York. She made her move up to the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont in 2013 with her husband Peter after their two children moved to the mid-west. Debbie is a first generation American, and second generation Holocaust survivor, who grew up with her mother’s brave real-life adventures as her bedtime stories and family get-togethers which included lots of typical eastern European Jewish food, arguments and much love. Debbie is a graduate of Yeshiva University’s Cardozo School of Law. When not busy kayaking, walking their dog Jet along the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail, or in the snowy woods around their house, Peter and Debbie run a health care consultancy. 

Debbie is grateful for the opportunity to continue sharing the legacy of her Jewish heritage. She wants to be sure that the struggles and horrible fate endured by many in her family -- and millions of others -- will never be forgotten …and will be an important lesson for future generations of all faiths and backgrounds worldwide.
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Heidi Fishman - Second Generation

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Heidi grew up in Connecticut, but might as well have maple syrup running through her veins. Her father proposed to her mother on a beautiful fall day atop Smuggler's Notch and her winter weekends and vacations were frequently spent skiing in Stowe. Heidi moved to the Upper Valley in 1992 and then to Norwich in 2005.

Heidi always knew her mother was a Holocaust survivor, but she didn’t dig into the story until she was inspired by the way her daughter’s seventh grade class listened intently while her mother told them about her memories. That class visit led to the writing of Tutti’s Promise , her debut novel that tells her mother's Holocaust story.

A retired psychologist who worked at Dartmouth College and in private practice in Lebanon, NH for over 25 years, when Heidi isn’t typing on her keyboard, you can find her walking along Norwich’s back roads, hiking with her husband, or visiting with family.

Dr. Jack Mayer - MD, MPH -  Second Generation

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Dr. Jack Mayer is a Vermont writer and pediatrician.  His was the first pediatric practice in Eastern Franklin County, on the Canadian border, where he began writing essays, poems and short stories about his practice and hiking Vermont’s Long Trail.  He was a country doctor for ten years, often bartering medical care for eggs, firewood, and knitted afghans.

From 1987 – 1991 Dr. Mayer was a National Cancer Institute Fellow at Columbia University researching the molecular biology of pediatric cancers.  Dr. Mayer established Rainbow Pediatrics in Middlebury, Vermont in 1991 where he continues to practice primary care pediatrics.  He is an Instructor in Pediatrics at the University of Vermont School of Medicine and an adjunct faculty for pre-medical students at Middlebury College. 

He was a participant at the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference in 2003 and 2005 (fiction) and 2008 (poetry).  His first non-fiction book is Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project.   His new book, Before the Court of Heaven, is historical fiction and has received 14 book awards.